This is the cookie Policy for the Website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your device as you are browsing. They are processed and stored by your web browser. In and of themselves, cookies are harmless and serve crucial functions for websites. Cookies can also generally be easily viewed and deleted.

How long do cookies last?

1. Session cookies – These cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends). Generally they do not collect personal information from your computer.

2. Persistent cookies — This category encompasses all cookies that remain on your hard drive until you erase them manually or your browser does, depending on the cookie’s expiration date. They can be read by the website that created it when you visit it again in the future.

What type of cookies does this site use?

1. Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for you to browse this website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. The website would not function properly without these cookies and so they cannot be turned off. This situation is normal.

2. Performance/analytical cookies

These cookies enable us to collect aggregated data for statistical purposes on how our visitors use the website. Just two examples of the type of information collected are the number of visitors to the site and the most popular pages viewed. Such data is used to help us improve the design of the website and nature of the content we publish amongst other things. Again, nearly all websites use this type of cookie.

How to block or delete cookies

If you want to restrict or block the cookies that are used by this website, you can do so through your browser setting at any time. Please check the help section of your specific browser for details. Alternatively, you can visit which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers and devices.

Other cookie issues

Please note that if you clink on a link and go to another website then the cookie policy and privacy policy that will apply on that site will be different – so please check that website’s policies. All such links will contain the name of the alternative site – for example all links that take you to the site where you may purchase my books will contain Amazon in the link label. These links take you to the Amazon website and their policies will then apply.


Your continued use of this site will be taken as acceptance of this cookie policy.

Please note, I reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, so do come back and review it regularly.

May Quillink, March 2024