May Quillink Writing Pen
May Quillink Writing Pen


A little about the author – I live on the English Riviera in Devon and I write historical mysteries.

By the way, you may not have guessed, but May Quillink is my nom de plume. Well, there has to be a bit of mystique about the persona of a mystery writer now doesn’t there?

The May Quillink Crime Mystery Collection spans a number of different eras – from the Victorian period up to the 1970s.

For the Warwell and Knowles Victorian series I devised ingenious plots with riveting twists and turns designed to mystify and engage the reader to the very last page. They are set in the 1880s, and are about two sleuths who become embroiled in a number of mysterious crimes and sinister goings-on.

Recently, I have been plotting some short stories that will be published on my website for free. This is my small way of helping all avid mystery readers during the cost of living crisis. So do keep coming back for these free stories – they will be appearing over the coming year. You can read the first one now by following the buttons on the story page.

Plotting crime mysteries has always given me a huge amount of pleasure. So I do hope that you enjoy reading my Crime Mystery Collection.

May Quillink Sleuth in Hansom Cab
May Quillink Crime Mystery Sleuths in London